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Viña del Mar is located one hour away from the country's main airport and only ninety minutes from Santiago. All of them are connected by modern roads and highways.

This city is well-known as the tourist capital of Chile, and as the "Garden City" due to its vast green areas. Among its thirteen beaches (approximately 3.5 km long), is the most important Reñaca, with its own lifestyle and all the necessary facilities and services to receive a huge amount of tourists.

The region has a unique architecture. There are beautiful residential neighbourhoods, surrounded by lovely gardens and a big amount of modern buildings, most of them located along the shore. Viña del Mar walking on streets, you will find ancient buildings and palaces, witnesses of the city's golden era, dated from the beginning of the twentieth century. The County of Viña del Mar is located in the region of Valparaiso, 119 kilometres away from Santiago and only 9 kilometres from the city of Valparaiso. The weather in Viña del Mar is noted for summers and mild winters. The rains are almost exclusively limited to winter time (late April - August), and frost is almost unknown in this region. Instead there is soft and pleasant spring weather all the year long. 

The inland inhabitants of Chile, where Santiago and other cities are located, drive to Viña del Mar in any season to have fun, to rest, or to escape from heat and cold. Some of the consequences of this are the weather particularly easy adaptation and growth of varied and delicate species of flowers and plants. Due to this, Viña del Mar offers a lovely display of different and colourful flowers and trees.

Thanks to its charming beaches and walks by the seashore, plus the excellent offer in services and events around the year, Viña del Mar Chile has become a traditional tourist destination.

In the last few years, due to the consolidation of new and diverse tourist icons in the Valparaiso region - which Viña del Mar is part of, this city has become a unique tourist destination among the many wonderful possibilities in South America. Everyday the city attracts more and more tourists from all over the world.

Close to Valparaiso is Viña del Mar, the regional cultural capital. The city's picturesque hills are full of colourful little houses which cover them from top to bottom. There is an intense mixture of history and legend, source of inspiration and shelter to the poet Pablo Neruda. Valparaiso is noted for its narrow streets and the "cable cars" from where you can observe the outstanding beauty of this harbour. Declared World Heritage Valparaiso was by the UNESCO.

The main means of transportation is the subway train. This is an underground transport service which passes by the City Centre. You can access all the main Valparaiso and cities of the region from any of the four stations of the subway train. Moreover, there are several bus excursions available for enterprises, as well as taxis and rent-a-car services, however this is a walkable city. Most of the hotels and convention centres are located at a twenty-minute walk from downtown Viña del Mar. The city has an excellent variety of hotels and rooms for the arrangement of congresses and conventions. Also it has modern facilities with last generation equipment.


Selected in 2011 by the New York Times as one of the top destinations to visit in the world, Santiago is a dynamic and modern metropolis located in the heart of the fertile Central Valley. The Chilean capital city is a city of character, with a vibrant night life and attractive culture-arts scene.

The best way to get to know a city is to walk through its streets. Santiago has many neighbourhoods that originated from different forms of social interaction and public spaces have given these life to something that goes beyond a mere set of houses, streets and trees. Some of these neighbourhoods architectural tectonic offer great value and quality and have become icons of the city, like Barrio Italia, Aubrey and Bellavista. Las Condes, Vitacura and Providencia has a concentration of the majority of commercial activities and luxury shops. A few kilometres from the city are world-class ski centres, wine tours, hiking trails and cycling circuits. All these activities transform into a destination of Santiago multiple alternatives based on tourism.